About Us

Paintball Kingdom has been in operation since 1999.

History - We are a family owned business that started as a small field when father and son discovered the joys of Paintball but quickly realized there was nowhere nearby to play. We began during the days of "backyard ball" with Nova, Autocoker, an Automag woodsball "tournaments". Over time markers and playing styles evolved as did the needs of the paintball industry. So for many years we developed custom parts and upgrades for Intimidators, Cyborgs and many other brands. In fact in the hayday of tournament paintball you may have visited our vending trailer at WORLD CUP, PSP, NPPL, & CFOA or played with one of our 3 CFOA teams. As scenario ball took hold we expanded our 3 acre woods field to a playable 15 acres and even created crossovers so that all our outdoor fields could be combined for big games. Now we are going back to the roots; bringing the joy of paintball to families and friends.

Current Day - We pride ourselves on providing a fun & safe environment for all ages. Paintball is a wonderful & thrilling sport and we hope you will join us to create lasting memories out on the field.

we have an onsite Proshop (with Co2 & HPA fill station)

indoor & outdoor staging areas (for between games)

4 unique playing fields (with many playable combinations)

& Trained reffing staff (to assist you throughout the day)

Future- Many updates to our fields, proshop, and online presence are coming up as we continue to build and expand Paintball Kingdom to meet and exceed our customers expectations.