4 unique fields with 100s of variations & missions

Indoor Field - The "office" and "warehouse" sections indoors hold surprises around every bend. This fast paced, high intensity field is sure to thrill. Ten players or less is best for this field which is typically played at the end of the day or during heavy rain as we re-chrono to under 235 FPS.

Town Field - Venture out to the town field for a bit more breathing room but be prepared to think and rethink as the game unfolds and you find your vantage point to have unforseen challenges. One of our most often played fields it's perfect for quick games where everyone can get in on the action.

Assault field - Perfect your charge on the assault field. This classic attack and defend layout is just right for any level of player with a bit more room to plan your moves and play whatever style your comfortable with. You will find communication is key when attacking as the 2 story fort is a powerful defensive station.

The Woods - Gives you plenty of room and natural cover along with a variety of bunkers. Playable as both 3 & 15 acres, strategy and often patience are king on this massive field which reigns supreme for large groups and scenarios.

Missions & Scenarios - While our more intricate scenarios are saved for events we have tons of easy to add missions or scenarios for regular play days. Perfect for team building exercises or just to spice things up let a ref know if you would like to try our missions. Flags, puzzles, riddles, props even "zombies" & "terminators" are available. our refs have tons of tricks up their sleeve.