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Indoor Field

Used by the military and local law enforcement for training, this field is as realistic as it gets. The close range takes out the trajectory issues that paintball has compared with firearms. Fast paced and in your face action is exactly what this field offers.
Rooms, windows, desks, computers, military gun boxes, chemical barrels, tables, & ammo crates fill this old poultry house converted indoor paintball range.
Want to really test your skills, this field will stress even the most experienced player.

Indoor Field Pics

Players Advancing


Check out these fellows as the hug the bunkers, throw paint, and move up.






Lets see the bad guys run through this gauntlet formed by three players in the hall.




Hold the Hall


SHOW NO FEAR. Good form, gun up, and a laser beam of paint keep the bad guys at bay.





Fuzzy Wuzzy


Sometimes inside the lights make it tough to see. Dim rooms with bright light shining in. Is the shadow good or bad?




Low Crawl


Come Get Some!





Tactical Walk


Sometimes a good tactical walk is just what the doctor ordered.





Peak A Boo


Peak A Boo I See You over the boxes and through the window







Holding the Hall






Tucking Tight


Tuck Tight and and make the corner without wearing the other teams paint.





Heres looking at you


Indoor it is not uncommon to come through a window or door and, well, heres looking at you.






My Window


This is my window and none shall pass.