Paintball Kingdom is a field paint only facility.

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Need To Know

Q - Does getting hit by a paintball hurt?
A - Yes, but it is not bad. A paintball hit is kind of like getting slapped. There is an instant sensation but this does not usually last. Sometimes there will be a small bruise about the size of a quarter left after a hit.

Q - What should I wear?
A - This is an outdoor sport and you should consider the weather and dress accordingly. Wear warm clothes in the winter or layers that can be removed easily between games during the heat of summer. Tennis shoes or boots are suggested. If you have week ankles wear a shoe or boot that supports the ankle.

Q - Will the paint wash out of my clothing?
A - Most paint is machine washable meaning that it should wash right out of your clothing. White or light colored clothing will often have a dicoloration left after a paintball hit.

Q - How old should my child be before I let them play paintball?
A – Players on our field need to be at least 10 years old. Our ref crew always keeps an eye on children & new players and do their best to ensure that these players are enjoying the sport in safe and fun manner. Safety is of the utmost importance.

Q - Should I set up a private party or play walk-on-play?
A - With walk-on-play you will be up against other players outside your group. This can put you playing against people of a higher skill level than you. We do our best to split up walk-on-play so that teams are even. It is in our best interests to ensure that you have an enjoyable time.

Private parties must have a minimum of ten players but you will be playing amongst yourselves only and have a ref crew to care for your particular group.