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Scenario Layouts

At Paintball Kingdom we are serious about scenario's. We consistently talk to our players about our events and look for ways to improve them. We try to take the suggestions given and put them to good use.

Our scenario layouts incorporate multiple outdoor fields as well as additional wooded areas. Each scenario focuses on central goal with missions and objectives throughout the day. Each scernario may or may not not use the different areas here at Paintball Kingdom. See the map of each individual game for a description of what part of the field will be used for that particular game.

Some of our scenario's are historically based. Games such as Huertgen Forest (based on a World War II battle in Germany) & Hillbilly Hoedown (based on the famous Hatfields & Mccoys family feud) brought tons of fun out of historical events. While other games we run are fantasy based.
Our most popular of these is Biological Aftermath (based on life between factions after nuclear fallout) which has become an annual game at Paintball Kingdom.

Whether an individual or a team, new player or experienced scenarios at Paintball Kingdom are sure to be a thrill for you. So be sure to check out all the scenarios & other special events links on the right column of our website.


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