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Town Field
Moving Out

With a 35' square castle this field is packed with action. Hollywood front buildings, a burned out and shot up car, railroad tie bunkers, a huge tank, a pickup truck, & more make up this urban combat style field.


Player PeekingThis young player is in close proximity to the castle with lots of windows.





Its not often that you get a chance to chill during a game but this player takes in the sunset as the oppossing team plasters his bunker with paint.





Moving Out

Check out this player as they take a tactical walk right through bad guy territory.



Playing Around


Not sure what this group is trying to accomplish but they are having a blast goofing around during a game.




Everyone moves a little quicker when paintballs are coming. This guy looks like he almost changed dimensions running from a stream of paintballs.



Blown Out Building

This player takes a moment after making a move under fire to take this blown out building.