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The Woods Field
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Our Woods field is 4.5 + acres of rolling terrain with large mature oak & cedar trees, as well as natural undergrowth. Bunkers include multiple forts, bamboo walls, oil drums, chemical barrels, wire reels, dug outs, dirt mounds, natural barriers, and more.

With so much area to cover, this field tests your teamwork ability. Put your stealth and camo skills to test in this BIG field.

More Wooded Field Pictures


This player is hiding in wait as an unsuspecting oppossing player closes in on his position





Here a father and son make haste to complete a mission before time runs out.




Holding the Line


This man holds the line for the yellow team




Standing Tall



Standing tall watching as his team pushes the bad guys back




Shooting the Enemy


Bad Guys beware this fellow is throwing paint and taking names



One The Move


No rest for the weary. This player checks his equipment on the move while the player in the back provides overwatch.





Sneaky Sneaky. This one knows how to set up an ambush