Semi auto only
Field paint only
Masks must be worn on field & shooting range
Barrel plug must be in at all times (unless in game/range)
Do not fire in the staging area
Do not shoot wildlife
No blind fire (look before you shoot)
No overshooting or fighting
Do not destroy or move bunkers
Only paint that hits you and breaks counts as a hit (we do not count gun hits or splatter)
We do have a 20 ft surrender rule (optional)
And a bunker tag rule (not optional)
Refs decisions are final & you can be removed from the field without refund for blatant disregard of the rules


Will it hurt? While you will know when you have been hit, the feeling typically doesn't last long. A bruise, red mark, or welt may appear depending on where youv'e been hit and the distance the shot traveled.

What do I wear? This is a outdoor sport so boots or tennis shoes are highly recommended. Beyond that dress according to the weather and with the expectation that you will spend some time in the woods.

Will the paint ruin my clothes/ make me sick? Paintballs are made entirely of non toxic food grade materials. Paint is also typicaly water soluble though it may leave a light stain on lighter colored clothing.

Is my child old enough to play? We recommend a player be at least 10 years of age. Pre or early teen players may also want to play with a parent or older sibling accompanying them or with a private group of similarly aged children for the first time.

Why do refs keep yelling at me about my mask/barrel plug? Paintballs travel at 250-285 FPS. Paintball masks were created for a reason & we take safety very seriously here. Masks must be worn on the field and barrel plugs must be in if you are not playing.