Paintball and Coronavirus


Paintball kingdom is set to reopen May 16th 2020 under  

Gov Coopers very limited capacity order  

Due to this we will Only be able to have 9 people per group. The ref makes the 10 max people  

Until Gov Cooper allows us to open to full capacity we will not be able to honor any discount programs. We will of course extend any expiration dates to cover the closed periods and WILL honor them when back to full capacity  

Social distancing will have to be practiced. In our shop/registration area thats  max 2 customers at a time  

Tables at staging areas will be placed 8 ft apart  

we would encourage players to purchase their own masks for their safety.  

We have been and will continue to disinfect all rental masks and equipment.  

Calling registrations is a MUST in this limited capacity time  

Part Time Help wanted

We are looking for Saturday Refs. Must be at least 16 years old, in good physical shape, like working outdoors and good with people.

Will need your own transportation 

Apply in person 

What to expect at check-in and registration 


how PBK Ref looked after a small first time paintball player 

Just a nice day slinging paint at Paintball Kingdom 

Menu / Price List

Paintball Markers for sale


Yearly and 6 month Memberships


PBK Yearly Memberships 

$100.00 per year 

6 Month  Memberships 


Covers entry, gun, tank, mask, and all day air  

You can play every Saturday if desired

All you need to purchase each visit is the paint 



All players must sign a waiver every time they come out to play. It is a required part of the sign in process and how we keep track of who is on the field and what equipment is out. All PLAYERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE A PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE on their waiver. 

If your parent/guardian is not planning on coming with you, dont worry, simply print out our waiver below, fill it in ahead of time and bring it with you. Even if you are over 18, feel free to have this filled out ahead of time as it will speed up the sign in process and get you on the field faster.

Waiver (pdf)



Semi auto only 

Field paint only...  No you CAN NOT bring your own paint ..

Safety is our #1 concern and I can not control how old/hard/warped, wrinkled or whatever your carry on paint might be 

Masks must be worn on field & shooting range

Barrel plug must be in at all times (unless in game/range)

Do not fire in the staging area  

Do not shoot wildlife

No blind fire (look before you shoot)

No overshooting or fighting

 Do not destroy or move bunkers

Only paint that hits you and breaks counts as a hit (we do not count gun hits or splatter)

We do have a 20 ft surrender rule (optional)

And a bunker tag rule (not optional)

Refs decisions are final & you can be removed from the field without refund for blatant disregard of the rules       



Will it hurt? While you will know when you have been hit, the feeling typically doesn't last long. A  bruise, red mark, or welt may appear depending on where youv'e been hit and the distance the shot traveled.

What do I wear? This is a outdoor sport so boots or tennis shoes are highly recommended. Beyond that dress according to the weather and with the expectation that you will spend some time in the woods. 

Will the paint ruin my clothes/ make me sick? Paintballs are made entirely of non toxic food grade materials. Paint is also typicaly water soluble though it may leave a light stain on lighter colored clothing.

Is my child old enough to play? We recommend a player be at least 10 years of age. Pre or early teen players may also want to play with a parent or older sibling accompanying them or with a private group of similarly aged children for the first time.

Why do refs keep yelling at me about my mask/barrel plug? Paintballs travel at 250-285 FPS. Paintball masks were created for a reason & we take safety very seriously here. 

The paintball (fired at someone else STILL playing) does not know you were hit 3 minutes ago and are walking off the field and no we can't put your eye back in your head so yes my refs will yell at you,  may even tackle and cover you if they see an unsafe condition. They are doing it for YOUR safety..  

Masks must be worn on the field and barrel plugs must be in if you are not playing. 


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you just have to pay for your paint each visit 

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Playing Fields OPEN SATURDAYS ONLY  10 AM to 6 PM EST 

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